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Transforming Skystem’s Website: A Case Study by TorontoDigits

The Client: SkyStem

SkyStem is a financial technology company based in New York City that provides powerful account reconciliation and financial close solutions for enterprises. As a leader in their industry, SkyStem approached TorontoDigits to help enhance their online presence and better connect with customers in the digital space.

With an innovative software-as-a-service platform, SkyStem makes it easy for companies to implement their financial tools in just days. Their focus on user experience removes friction from complicated financial processes.

However, SkyStem’s website did not fully reflect its cutting-edge offerings. They wanted to leverage TorontoDigits’ expertise to create an online presence as user-friendly and advanced as their technology. Our team was excited to help SkyStem showcase its unique value to customers through a website redesign.

TorontoDigits is a premier web development agency dedicated to creating custom digital solutions for our clients.

With over a decade of experience, our team of experts has established a reputation for building innovative and effective websites that deliver real business results. We leverage the latest web technologies and design principles to craft online experiences that engage audiences and convert visitors.

The Problem Statement

SkyStem approached TorontoDigits to revamp their website due to issues with UI/UX design, SEO optimization, overall user engagement, and satisfaction. Specific problems included:

  • Clunky design for webinars, case studies, blog posts, infographics, and ebook sections
  • Subpar on-page SEO with poor meta titles and descriptions
  • Slow page load times harming user experience
  • Uninspiring homepage lacking customer reviews and clear navigation
  • No integrated video content

These limitations negatively impacted SkyStem’s ability to share valuable content and connect with customers online. A website overhaul was needed to boost conversions, leads, and sales.

TorontoDigits’ Solutions

Our team performed an in-depth analysis of SkyStem’s website performance. We developed tailored solutions to enhance UI/UX design, optimize SEO, redesign the homepage, improve navigation, and integrate videos:

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Enhancement


The webinar section initially had a basic list layout showing the title, date, and register button. Our goal was to make each webinar preview more engaging. We added eye-catching featured images, compelling descriptions, and clear calls to action. These changes increased webinar registrations.

Case Studies

The case studies section was text-heavy with little visual interest. Our objective was to showcase studies in a more scannable and graphical format. We implemented preview images, illustrative iconography, and bold subheadings. This boosted case study downloads.

Blog Posts

Blog posts appeared as dense blocks of text lacking images. To improve readability, we added featured images, preview summaries, author bios, and share icons. As a result, blog traffic increased noticeably.


The infographics section displayed titles only. To make each infographic more shareable, we added preview images, summaries, and social media buttons. This increased infographic downloads.


Ebooks were listed with small icons, titles, and download buttons. To pique interest, we implemented featured images, summaries, author bios, and calls to action. Subsequently, ebook downloads grew by several percent.

SEO Optimization

Meta Titles

We optimized meta titles to incorporate keywords and compelling hooks relevant to each page. This improved click-through-rates.

Meta Descriptions

Descriptions were rewritten to be search-friendly and provide users with a summary of page content.

Page Responsiveness

We enhanced mobile responsiveness through flexible layouts and auto-resizing elements. This created a seamless experience across devices.

Homepage Redesign and Navigation

The old homepage was cluttered with text and lacked visuals. Our redesign focused on simplicity, whitespace, and clear calls to action. We also added customer testimonials and case studies to build trust. Furthermore, we implemented an intuitive, icon-driven navigation menu to help users quickly access key content. These changes drove a significant increase in time spent onsite.

Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 Migration

Analytics and data Reports are an important part of SkyStem’s business. After the launch of GA4 by Google we decided to transfer SkyStem Website from Universal Analytics to GA4. That Migration allowed both us and the SkyStem management to make better business and Web development decisions by using available data smartly. We also added custom tags in the GA4 to ensure the demands of SkyStem’s business goals.

Video Integration

To help SkyStem showcase video content, we created a user-friendly video shortcode. Adding [skystem-videos video=”educational-videos”] allows SkyStem to instantly embed videos through a simple link. This enhanced multimedia capabilities and visual appeal.

Results and Impact

TorontoDigits’ solutions drove remarkable improvements across all key performance indicators:

  • Organic traffic rose substantially
  • The lead conversion rate improved markedly
  • SEO ranking moved up for core keywords
  • Onsite time spent grew considerably
  • User satisfaction score increased from medium to very high

TorontoDigits’ Role in Success

Our web development expertise was key in identifying issues and creating tailored solutions for SkyStem. Leveraging our technical skills and creative strategies, we were able to dramatically enhance their website performance and capabilities.

Throughout the process, we collaborated closely with SkyStem’s team to ensure the redesign would address their specific goals. Our shared focus on results and user experience allowed us to deliver a website that surpasses expectations.


This case study illustrates specialized web development solutions’ immense impact on online businesses. With TorontoDigits’ help, SkyStem was able to overhaul its website to drive growth. Their success exemplifies the value of partnering with experienced web development professionals.

A well-optimized and user-friendly website is essential for engagement, conversions, and revenue in today’s digital landscape. By leveraging expertise to creatively solve website problems, businesses can unlock their full online potential.

To explore how TorontoDigits can take your website to the next level, contact us today. We are ready to collaborate with you on custom solutions tailored to your brand’s needs and goals.

Discover more success stories and insights by browsing our case studies. Let’s talk about achieving your online business vision!

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