Best WordPress Development Agencies in Toronto

Toronto is home to a thriving community of talented WordPress developers and web design agencies. As WordPress powers over 40% of all websites, it has become imperative for businesses in Toronto to have a well-designed, responsive, and feature-rich WordPress website to stand out from the competition. 

Choosing the right WordPress development agency can be overwhelming with many options. The ideal agency should not only be experts in WordPress but also understand your business goals to translate them seamlessly into an exceptional online presence. 

This blog reviews the top-rated WordPress development agencies in Toronto that can help build custom WordPress solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Top Players in Toronto’s WordPress Development Scene

Toronto has a sufficient number of skilled WordPress developers. The best agencies stand out by demonstrated expertise in building complex WordPress-based solutions, stellar client reviews, strong portfolios, and a commitment to understanding client requirements.

WordPress Dev

Founded in 2011, WordPress Dev focuses exclusively on WordPress, having delivered over 500 projects on the platform. Whether you need a custom WordPress build from scratch or want to migrate an existing site to WordPress, their team can handle it. 

They are a small yet experienced team of 7 employees who take pride in building high-performing, SEO-optimized, and user-friendly WordPress websites. Their services include:

  •  Custom WordPress development
  •  WordPress integration, migration, updates 
  •  WordPress support & maintenance
  •  E-commerce store development

With a perfect 5/5 rating on [Clutch](https://clutch.co/profile/wordpress-devreviews) based on 13 client reviews, WordPress Dev has a reputation for responsive support, clear communication, and delivering as per requirements.


Consensus is an award-winning digital agency founded in 2004 that offers web design, development, and digital marketing services, with a strong focus on WordPress projects of all sizes. 

Their team of 50+ skilled professionals has delivered over 2500 projects so far. For WordPress development specifically, they have extensive expertise in:

  •  Custom WordPress themes and plugins
  •  Headless WordPress implementation
  •  WordPress migration, updates, support 
  •  Integrating WordPress with other systems
  •  Optimizing WordPress performance 

Consensus has worked with leading brands like Siemens, Telus, Canon, and Ontario Teachers. Their 25 reviews on Clutch consist mostly of 5-star ratings that praise their professionalism, WordPress expertise, and meeting project requirements.


TorontoDigits is a swiftly emerging web development agency founded in 2021 that builds sleek, user-centric digital experiences with WordPress as the starting point.

In their short yet highly impactful journey, the passionate team at TorontoDigits has delivered diverse custom WordPress solutions for over 50 clients, including enterprise names like Uber, Skystem, and Elaaj.

Their key expertise areas when it comes to WordPress include:

  • Building secure, scalable WordPress platforms from the ground up
  • Migrating and modernizing legacy sites to WordPress
  • Integrating WordPress with other tools and platforms seamlessly
  • Ensuring stellar page speed and performance
  • Creating customized WordPress plugins and functionalities

The TorontoDigits team blends technical virtuosity in WordPress with an emphasis on understanding client requirements and business objectives above everything else. Their solutions succeed in engaging users while capturing critical analytics for data-driven insights.

As a recognized WordPress industry leader, TorontoDigits can undoubtedly transform your online presence. Their client-focused agile process accompanied by reasonable pricing makes them an ideal choice for WordPress projects of any scale.

While not pure-play WordPress agencies, the following companies have strong WordPress expertise as part of their overall web development services:

ArtX Pro  

A digital agency offering web and mobile application development services, SEO, digital marketing, and graphic design. Their core competencies include WordPress development, Shopify stores, and Progressive Web Apps.


A full-stack digital marketing agency specializing in web design, WordPress development, graphic design, paid ads, and more. They have delivered over 39 custom WordPress projects so far.  

Dandelion Web Design 

An independent web design studio offering web design, web development, and WordPress services. They have a strong focus on building fast, accessible, and SEO-friendly websites.

These supporting players have successfully delivered many WordPress-based projects for a range of clients over the years. They offer a decent breadth of WordPress services even if it’s not their sole focus.

Why Reviews and Metrics Matter 

With no shortage of agencies offering WordPress development in Toronto, how do you cut through the noise and identify the right partner for your needs? 

Independent reviews on reputed platforms along with verifiable metrics can offer reliable insights into an agency’s quality and credibility.


Clutch is one of the leading B2B ratings and reviews platforms. They conduct in-depth assessments of companies based on client interviews, market presence, work quality, and more.

Most of the top WordPress development agencies in Toronto have strong profiles on Clutch with largely positive client reviews. The number and quality of reviews indicate market recognition of the agency’s work.

For instance, Consensus has an impressive 4.9/5 rating on Clutch across 25+ reviews while Make has a perfect 5/5 rating across 26 reviews. 


DesignRush identifies and ranks the top companies globally across different industries and service categories. 

The highest-rated WordPress developers in Toronto per DesignRush include:

 WordPress Dev – Named the 1 WordPress Developer in Toronto

 Consensus – Ranked 2 WordPress Developer in Toronto 

These rankings provide validation of the technical competence and business success of these agencies.

Google Reviews 

Checking an agency’s Google Reviews presence can offer additional insights from their customers. For example:

WordPress Dev enjoys a 5/5 rating across 20+ reviews

Such credible customer feedback builds further trust in the agency’s capabilities and professionalism.

Other Factors to Consider

While independent reviews and ratings provide a reliable starting point for shortlisting potential WordPress development partners, you need to dig deeper and evaluate additional parameters specific to your needs.

Project Portfolio

Checking the agency’s past WordPress projects portfolio gives you a sense of their technical competence, design aesthetics, and ability to deliver solutions tailored to client requirements. 

Pricing Transparency

The agency should communicate how they price WordPress development services – whether it is project-based pricing, hourly rates, monthly retainer plans, or support bundles.

Such pricing transparency allows you to accurately budget for the engagement.

Team Expertise

Review the skills and experience of the WordPress team to ensure they can handle your project’s technical complexity and scope successfully.

Company Culture

Beyond project execution success, you want an agency that aligns with your values and priorities. 

Reading the agency’s mission statement, principles, and employee testimonials can give you a peek into their work culture. Such value-driven agencies make great long-term partners.


In summary, Toronto has no dearth of accomplished WordPress developers capable of building secure, scalable, and feature-rich solutions catered to your business needs. Conduct thorough research, check reviews and ratings, evaluate portfolios, and clarify pricing models before choosing your preferred partner. Prioritize agencies that communicate openly, meet deadlines, and align with your organizational values for a smooth engagement.

What aspects do you prioritize the most when evaluating WordPress development agencies? Share your thoughts and recommendations below!

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